LUMC hiPSC core facility

Generation of high-quality hiPSC for LUMC researchers and external parties

Team leaders: Christian Freund & Harald Mikkers

The human iPSC core facility of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a joint effort of the depts. of Anatomy & Embryology (Christine Mummery) and Molecular Cell Biology (Hans Tanke) and has been operating since 2010. The facility is headed by Christian Freund and Harald Mikkers and offers the following services to LUMC researchers and external parties:

i) isolation of primary cells from a variety of tissue types (e.g. skin, blood, urine, milk teeth)
ii) generation of hiPSCs with various vector systems (episomes, SeV, Lentivirus, RNA)
iii) training courses in collaboration with Stem Cell Technologies (maintenance of undifferentiated hiPSCs, differentiation into neuroectoderm)
iv) provision of control lines

Protocols for differentiation of hiPSCs into cardiovascular lineages developed in the dept. of Anatomy & Embryology are available upon request.

We strive to offer gene editing of hiPSCs with CRISPR/Cas9 in the near future.

 Link to LUMC hiPSC core facility

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