The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) is a network association aiming at creating synergies between all areas of basic and applied stem cell research and to provide an interface between science, politics, education and society as a whole.



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3rd International Annual Conference of the GSCN
9 - 11 September 2015
Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Non-PI meeting at the 8th Internal. Meeting of the Stem Cell Network NRW

The GSCN is organizing a Non-PI workshop for graduate students and postdocs on Monday 20 April 2015 in connection with the  8th International Meeting of the Stem Cell Network NRW (21 – 22 April 2015) in Bonn.

Further information can be found  here.

6th Bioinformatics and Stem Cells Satellite Workshop

The GSCN is the main sponsor of the 6th Bioinformatics and Stem Cells Satellite Workshop which will be held after the 8th International Meeting of the Stem Cell Network NRW from 22 – 23 April 2015 in Bonn.

Further information can be found  here and  here (external website).

ISSCR 2015, Stockholm: GSCN Travel Awards from the scientific WGs

The GSCN is happy to announce that a significant number (more than 20)  travel awards are provided by the GSCN working groups to the 2015 ISSCR meeting in Stockholm (application closed).

450 participants at the 2nd International Annual Conference of the GSCN

The 2nd International Annual Conference took place November 3 - 5, 2014 at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. The GSCN is happy to inform that this event was, like last years event in Berlin, very successful with many presentations from the German and international scientific community, contribution from partner organizations and companies and lots of networking.

 Joint Satellite Symposium on Neural Stem Cells on November 5-6, 2014 completed the program and was with 120 participants well attended. 

Please download the final program with all abstracts here.

Further reading: (in German)
 MDC Insights: All about stem cells
 DIE WELT: Der geplatzte Traum von der Wundertherapie (in German)

Highlight movie of the 2nd GSCN Conference

Three short movies on stem cell research in Germany (in German)

From the program: "Stammzellforschung: Realität und Perspektiven"
In the fall of 2014 the GSCN produced three short movies highlighting different areas of stem cell research  link:

- Magdalena Götz, Munich, about her research on neuronal stem cells ( link)
- Anthony D. Ho, Heidelberg, about his research on hematopoietic stem cells ( link)
- Andreas Trumpp, Heidelberg, about his research on cancer stem cells ( link)

GSCN Annual Magazine 2013/14

  Annual Magazine: Stem Cell Research in Germany (English)

A highlight film and interview movies on GSCN activities


The GSCN movies can be found here:


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News from the field

Kyoto University Hospital to open iPS cell therapy center in 2019
Source:  PhsyOrg, 24.2.2015

Europe approves Western world's first stem-cell therapy for rare eye condition

Source:  Reuters, 20.2.2015

ReNeuron phase 2 stem cell trials still on track

Source:  proactiveinvestors UK, 20.2.2015

Study psychiatric diseases with stem cells

Source:  PhsyOrg, 20.2.2015

Yale researchers find surprising trigger of new brain cell growth
Source:  YaleNews, 20.2.2015


RIKEN announces penalties related to stem cell fiasco
Source:Science News 11.2.2015

What pushes scientists to lie? The disturbing but familiar story of Haruko Obokata
Source:The Guardian 18.2.2015

MHH researcher derive blood from pluripotent stem cells (in German)
Source:  Hannover Medical School, 16.2.2015
Journal publishes 200-word papers
Researchers are buzzing about a publication that accepts only 'brief ideas'.
Source: Nature12.2.2015

Blood vessel cells improve the conversion of pluripotent stem cells to blood lineages
Source: EurekaAlert12.2.2015

Pancreas in a capsule
Source: MIT Technology Review12.2.2015
Stem cells reduce MS brain damage
Source: Neurology 12.2.2015
Source:UT-San Diego, 12.2.2015

Stem cell pioneer joins forces with stem cell fraudster
Source: Science Magazine10.2.2015

Can Stem Cells Be Taught to Repair a Radiation-Damaged Brain?
Source:  MSKCC, 6.2.2015

California's stem cell program (CIRM) is getting a reboot
Source:  LA Times, 3.1.2015

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