Symposium of BMBF projects: Innovative technologies in stem cell research for individualized medicine

Tuesday, 18 September 2018
14.00 – 21.00 h
Marsilius Kolleg

The participation in the symposium is free of charge for the participants of the GSCN Annual Conference and can be selected during the registration process in the  online registrationScientists that only want to participate in the symposium without the GSCN conference are requested to contact the  GSCN office to register.

13 research consortia with 49 projects will present their strategies and newest results in this symposium. Participants of the 6th GSCN Annual Conference are welcome to take part in the symposium without additional costs. Please register for this symposium during the online registration process for the conference.

Despite the broad spectrum of established medical procedures, for many diseases no suitable treatment option is available. A particular challenge is the increasing number of degenerative diseases for which there are hardly any causal therapies due to the lack of donor organs. Innovative stem cell technologies offer tremendous potential for the development of new, customized cell-based therapies as well as for the creation of human disease models based on in vitro generated tissues and organoids. Such in vitro models can be of great value for both molecular pathology research and drug discovery. The efficacy and undesirable side effects of drugs can be tested in advance for specific groups of patients or individuals, contributing to the much-needed increase in drug development. The projects funded in this BMBF initiative are intended to help overcome existing barriers to the medical use of innovative stem cell technologies, thereby unlocking the potential of new stem cell technologies for individualized medicine.