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5th Annual GSCN Conference

11 - 13 September 2017
Jena, Germany

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The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) is a network organization that creates synergies between all areas of basic and applied stem cell research and provides a hub between science, politics, education and society.





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The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) is a member-driven initiative. Join us and support this important initiative!



Innovator Awards from the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) - Call for candidates:
1. The  Innovator Awards for Early Career Investigators in Translational Stem Cell Research support innovative scientists whose research has the potential to transform the field of stem cell research and to advance the use of stem cells for the treatment of human disease.
2. The  Innovator Awards for Early Career Investigators in Neuroscience support the best young researchers working in fundamental areas of developmental, cellular, cognitive and behavioral, and translational neuroscience, broadly interpreted. Proposals need not be related to stem cells.

GSCN Logos

The different German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) Logos in low resolution

(for high-resolution and vector files please inquire at GSCN Central Office)



New GSCN Awards 2017:
"Eavesdropping on the conversation of stem cells"

The "GSCN 2017 Young Investigator Award" goes to Dr. Francesco Neri from the Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz-Lipmann-Institute (FLI) in Jena.

The "GSCN 2017 Female Scientist Award" goes to Prof. Elly Tanaka from the Institute for Molecular Pathology IMP in Vienna and the TU Dresden.

The "GSCN 2017 Publication of the Year Award" goes to Dr. J. Gray Camp and Prof. Barbara Treutlein (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig), together with Dr. Keisuke Sekine and Prof. Takanori Takebe (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center). The award honors the publication "Multilineage communication regulates human liver bud development from pluripotency" in the journal Nature (Camp , JG et al., 2017, Nature 546, 533-538, doi: 10.1038 / nature22796).

Read more here:   press release "Eavesdropping on the conversation of stem cells"

  Pressemitteilung "Dem Gespräch der Stammzellen lauschen"

GSCN Awards

The three GSCN awards are endowed with 1,500 euros each, and the prizewinners will give a lecture at the Presidential Symposium on 12 September at this year's GSCN Stem Cell Conference from 11 - 13 September 2017 in Jena.

Statement from GSCN Acting President K. Lenhard Rudolph

"An investigation into good scientific practice has concluded that there is gross negligence in some publications which were under my supervision. I take this criticism very seriously and will rigorously address these cases and make appropriate corrections. I will therefore step down from the position of Active President of the GSCN in order to avoid any negative consequences for the GSCN and to fulfill my responsibility as a scientist."

This process has the following consequence:
In accordance with the Articles of Association (§ 8) the 1st deputy chairman of the Executive Board of the GSCN and Senior President, Ulrich Martin, will assume the duties of chairman and Active President until the next general meeting.
The GSCN Annual Conference 2017 will take place in Jena as planned from 11 to 13 September.

GSCN developed school material:
"Stammzellen verstehen - Die Konferenz für die Schule"


The GSCN and the Schering Stiftung developed new material about stem cells for high schools in German. The four units á 90 minutes cover the topics "Basics, Ethics, Therapies, Genetics" and offer an insight into the wide area of stem cells and related fields. Teachers find a didactic concept based on elements of a scientific conference - students slip into the role of scientists and give key lectures, present posters and discuss on panels about all kind of aspects about stem cells. Please take a look  www.stammzellen-verstehen.de

June: GSCN newsletter online

Please find information about the extended deadline for the abstract submission for the annual GSCN conference, the GSCN awards and an invitation to the GSCN WunderBar in Boston  here.

Our brand new GSCN annual magazine 2016/17 "Stem Cell Research: Potentials & Perspectives" is online:


Read it online  here (with download link).

1.000 students looked into stem cell research at UniStem Day

On 17 March over 1.000 students in 10 cities in Germany focussed on stem cells. 27.000 students all over Europe participated in the UniStem Day and learnt about basic and applied science in stem cell research. It was a great day. The GSCN initiated the UniStem Day in Germany. Read more  here.

New GSCN movies: patients rights - heart tissue - liver stem cells

Take a look at the movies  here

GSCN White Paper "Öffentliche Förderung der Stammzellforschung - Deutschland im internationalen Vergleich" (in German)

The working group " Funding Programs and Policies" has published a White Paper on the funding situation for stem cell research and regenerative medicine in Germany and in comparison to other leading countries (US, UK, Sweden and Japan). If you are interested to get printed documents please contact the GSCN central office (contact: GSCN Office).

Read it online  here (with download link).
Press article in the journal transkript about the GSCN White Paper:  here
Press article in the European Biotechnology Magazine about the GSCN White paper:  here




Short film with statements (in German) from leading German scientists on the importance of the GSCN.

The 4th Annual GSCN Conference in Hannover brought the German community together

The 4rd Annual Conference of the GSCN (  Conference Website) welcomed over 400 participants and 35 companies to the Hannover Medical School in Hannover from 12 - 14 September 2016.

During the intense three days the community presented the newest results in oral and poster presentations. The conference again offered extensive possibilities to network, discuss with existing collaborators and forge new interactions. The largest industry exhibition of all GSCN annual conference with 35 booths of partnering companies offered the possibilities to learn about the new technologies and products for the field and foster the interactions with the private sector. A non-PI meeting of 24 keen young scientists followed the official program on Thursday 15 Sept. 2016. As in previous years a well-attended public event on Wednesday evening presented the advances of stem cell research to an interested lay audience (public event 2016).

One highlight among many others was the Presidential Symposium with this years winners of the GSCN awards:
You find more information on the 2016 awardees here:  GSCN Awards and in the Press release GSCN Awards 2016 

Further reading (in German):  www.biotechnologie.de Rebirth Report,  Transkript - Alex Meissner


GSCN Flyer for patients "Therapies with stem cells" (in German)

The working group " Patient information" has published a new flyer with information about therapies with stem cells and the risk of unproven therapies. If you are interested, the central office will mail it to you (contact: GSCN Office).


You can download it  here.

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News from the field

(DE) - article in German, (GSCN) - contribution of GSCN members

Mini-Brains go modular
Source: quantamagazine, 09.08.2017

Diabetes: Gentherapie über transplantierte Haut (DE)
Source: wissenschaft-aktuell.de, 04.08.2017

Stem Cell Research: Evotec AG and Fraunhofer IME-SP Sign Strategic Collaboration (GSCN)
Source: Fraunhofer IME, 03.08.2017

In first for U.S., Mitalipov reportedly CRISPR’d human embryos & it was great
Source: The Niche - Knoepfler Blog, 26.07.2017

1st study eyed using iPS for heart disease
Source: The Japan News, 21.07.2017

Blutstammzellen erkennen Erreger und stellen ihre Produktion darauf ein (DE)
Source: Der Standard, 20.07.2017

Engineered Human Liver Tissue Grows in Mice
Source: The Scientist, 19.07.2017

First paralyzed human treated with stem cells has now regained his upper body movement
Source: Heroviral, 18.07.2017

Major German universities cancel Elsevier contracts
Source: The Scientist, 17.07.2017

Pankreaskarzinom: Biomarker für die Früherkennung gefunden (DE)
Source: Aerzteblatt, 17.07.2017

First ‘haploid’ human stem cells could advance medical research
Source: Jerusalem Post, 17.07.2017

Nature retracts paper by stem cell scientist appealing her dismissal
Source: Retraction Watch, 12.07.2017

CIRM-funded stem cell clinical trial for spinal cord injury expands patient recruitment
Source: CIRM, 10.07.2017

Stem cell therapies: medical experts call for strict international rules
Source: The Guardian, 06.07.2017

Neue Behandlungsmethode: Finanzpartner fürs Göttinger Herzpflaster (DE)
Source: Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine, 05.07.2017

Stammzellimporte in Deutschland steigen an - 7. Erfahrungsbericht zum Stammzellgesetz
Source: Die Tagespost, 03.07.2017, Deutscher Bundestag, 15.06.2017

Artificial bile ducts grown in lab and transplanted into mice could help treat liver disease in children
Source: University of Cambridge, 03.07.2017

"Berlin steckt in den Startlöchern" - Warum der Spitzenbiologe Alexander Meissner von Boston nach Berlin wechselt (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Der Tagesspiegel, 03.07.2017

Präsidium beschließt Maßnahmen gegen Leibniz-Direktor - Lenhard Rudolph (GSCN) (DE)
Leibniz Gemeinschaft fordert Führungswechsel an Jenaer Institut (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Leibniz Gemeinschaft, 15.06.2017,  MDR Thüringen, 12.07.2017

Patients with Complete Paralysis Show Additional Recovery of Arm, Hand and Finger Function at 9-months After Treatment with Asterias' AST-OPC1
Source: Asterias, 13.06.2017

Brain Cell Transplants Are Being Tested Once Again For Parkinson's
Source: Natl Public Radio, 13.06.2017

Stammzellen bleiben unentbehrlich für Forschung & Medizin (DE)
Source: EL News, 12.06.2017

Chicago medical school launches stem cell biology center
Source: The Washington Times, 10.06.2017

„Es wird zu wenig nachgedacht" - Interview mit Christiane Nüsslein-Vollhard (DE)
Source: Science ORF, 09.06.2017

World first: Stem cell treatment for lethal STAT1 gene mutation shows 'disappointing,' but promising results
Source: Science Daily, 08.06.2017

Human Heart Tissue Grown from Stem Cells Improves Drug Testing
Source: IBN A*Star Singapore, 08.06.2017

Trump retains Collins as NIH director
Source: Science Magazine, 06.06.2017

Stammzellforschung: Neue Zelltherapien aus dem Berliner Wedding (GSCN) (DE)
Source: Der Tagesspiegel, 06.06.2017

Stem cells may be the key to staying strong in old age
Source: Science Daily, 06.06.2017

Two-part system turns stem cells into whatever you want
Source: Science Daily, 05.06.2017

Stem cell-based spinal cord therapy expanded to more patients
Source: San Diego Union Tribune, 05.06.2017

Verbesserte Generation von Minihirnen aus Wien (DE)
Source: Der Standard, 01.06.2017

Roger de Spoelberch Prize for Magdalena Götz (GSCN)
Source: HelmholtzZentrum München, 01.06.2017

How risky are stem cell trials for Parkinson’s beginning in China?
Source: The Niche, Knoepfler lab blog, 01.06.2017

CRTD der TU Dresden erhält 1.56 Millionen Euro BMBF-Förderung für Forschung zu degenerativen Netzhauterkrankun­gen (GSCN) (DE)
Source: TU Dresden, 31.05.2017

Genschere schneidet auch ungezielt im Erbgut herum (DE)
Source: Tagesspiegel, 31.05.2017

The Regenerative Medicine (RM) Industry’s First Xeno-free (XF) hMSC Cell Banks
Source: BioInformant, 30.05.2017

Dr. Kleinhaus of Pluristem Therapeutics on Immune-Advantaged Placental-Derived PLX-Cells
Source: BioInformant, 30.05.2017

Cigarette damage to unborn children revealed in stem cell study
Source: Science Daily, 30.05.2017

Texas on track to become first state to explicitly back stem cell therapies
Source: STAT News, 30.05.2017

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