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8th Annual GSCN Conference

23 - 25 September 2020
Ulm, Germany


UniStem Day 2020
European Stem Cell Day in Germany
6 March 2020
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The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) is a network organization that creates synergies between all areas of basic and applied stem cell research and provides a hub between science, politics, education and society.





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7th GSCN Annual Conference 2019: Great conference in Berlin

That was a great Annual GSCN Conference in Berlin with 400 scientists, 66 selected talks, 5 keynotes, 124 poster, 29 exhibitors, 3 GSCN awards, different workshops, a Non-PI meeting, an ELSA symposium, a public event with new GSCN videos … and all and everybody circling around stem cells.
Highlights were the keynotes by Kathrin Plath (Los Angeles), James Wells (Cincinnati), Shoukhrat Mitalipov (Portland), Lorenz Studer (New York) and  Pekka Katjisto (Helsinki/Stockholm). More highlight was the Presidential Symposium with a keynote by Anne Grapin-Botton (Dresden) and the talks of the GSCN awardees Nico Lachmann, Ana Martin-Villalba and Germàn Camargo Ortega. Overall it was an inspiring atmosphere with fantastic talks, great networking, very nice social events and it all lived by the engaged scientific community of the GSCN - Thank you very much to all participants and supporters and see you next year in Ulm to the 8th GSCN Annual Conference 2020. Save the date: 23 - 25 Sept 2020!

New GSCN Awards 2019: Discover the potential of stem cells

- The „GSCN 2019 Young Investigator Award“ goes to Dr. Nico Lachmann from the Institute for Experimental Hematology at Hannover Medical School (MHH).
- The „GSCN 2019 Female Scientist Award“ goes to Prof. Dr. Ana Martin-Villalba from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg.
- The „GSCN 2019 Publication of the Year Award“ goes to Dr. Germán Camargo Ortega (Cell System Dynamics Group, ETH Zurich) and Prof. Magdalena Götz (Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Research at Helmholtz Zentrum München and Chair of Physiological Genomics at the Biomedical Centre of LMU) for the publication"The centrosome protein Akna regulates neurogenesis via microtubule organization", 2019, in the journal Nature (Camargo Ortega, G et al., 2019, Nature 567, 113-117, doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-0962)

Read more here: Press release: Discover the potential of stem cells

GSCN Awards

The three GSCN awards are endowed with 1,500 euros each, and the awardees will give a lecture at the Presidential Symposium on 24 September at this year's GSCN Stem Cell Conference from 23 - 25 September 2019 in Berlin.

The GSCN annual magazine 2018/19

"Stem Cells: Research Translation Therapy"


Read it online  here (with download link).

NEW: GSCN White Paper "Translation – from the stem cell toward innovative therapy“  (in German)

A working group " Translation of stem cell based therapies” has published a White Paper "Translation - from the stem cell toward innovative therapy. Analysis and recommendations for clinical translation of stem cell research in Germany" (in German)  on the hurdles and gaps of the translation process of stem cell research. If you are interested to get printed documents, please contact the GSCN central office (contact: GSCN Office).

Download  here
Please find the English version of the recommendations  here.
Press release (in German) 20.11.2018:
 Der steinige Weg zur Stammzell-Therapie


GSCN school material:

"Understanding Stem Cells - The conference for schools"


The GSCN and the Schering Stiftung developed new material about stem cells for high schools in German. The four units á 90 minutes cover the topics "Basics, Ethics, Therapies, Genetics" and offer an insight into the wide area of stem cells and related fields. Teachers find a didactic concept based on elements of a scientific conference - students slip into the role of scientists and give key lectures, present posters and discuss on panels about all kind of aspects about stem cells. Please take a look  www.understanding-stemcells.info

GSCN Members


News from the field

(DE) - article in German, (GSCN) - contribution of GSCN members

Stem cell study offers new way to study early development and pregnancy
Source: ScienceDaily, 17.10.2019

Gene editing enables researchers to correct mutation in muscle stem cells in DMD model
Source: ScienceDaily, 17.09.2019

Transplanted brain stem cells survive without anti-rejection drugs in mice
Source: ScienceDaily, 16.09.2019

CAR T Immunotherapy May Find New Use in Treating Cardiac Fibrosis
Source: the-scientist.com, 11.09.2019

Embryo-like structures created from human stem cells
Source: nature.com, 11.09.2019

Scientists use gene-edited stem cells to treat HIV — with mixed success
Source: nature.com, 11.9.2019

Nanotherapy: Controlled delivery of chemotherapeutics to fight cancer stem cells
Source: phys.org, 10.09.2019

Google bans ads for 'unproven' therapies, including stem cells
Source: techxplore.de, 07.09.2019

World first: Doctors use 'reprogrammed' stem cells to repair cornea
Source: MedicalNewsToday, 06.09.2019

NYSCF Gender Equality Report Card Identifies Widespread Underrepresentation of Women in STEM
Source: New York Stem Cell Foundation, 05.09.2019

Woman is first to receive cornea made from ‘reprogrammed’ stem cells
Source: nature, 02.09.2019

Brain waves detected in mini-brains grown in a dish
Source: TechExplorist, 02.09.2019

Das Sperma-Erbe der Nördlichen Breitmaulnashörner (GSCN)
Source: Spiegel Online, sciencedaily, 23.08.2019

The 'unwarranted hype' of stem cell therapies
Source: BBC.com, 21.08.2019

Rejuvenating brain stem cells may hold key to future MS treatments
Source: MedicakNewsToday, 15.08.2019

Scientists reverse aging in rat stem cells
Source: newsweek.com, 14.08.2019

Implantable 3D blastocyst-like embryonic structure generated from mouse stem cells
Source: ScienceDaily, 08.08.2019

Bayer acquires BlueRock Therapeutics to build leading position in cell therapy
Source: Bluerock, 08.08.2019

A genetic chaperone for healthy aging? (GSCN)
Source: Max Delbrück Center News, 07.08.2019

Japanische Forscher dürfen menschliche Organe in Tieren züchten (DE) (GSCN)
Source: Radio 1, 31.7.2019
Zeit Online

Mapping cells in the 'immortal' regenerating hydra
Source: ScienceDaily, 25.07.2019

Hochpotente Stammzellen erzeugt (DE)
Source: ScineXX, 22.07.2019

Durchbruch in der Stammzellforschung (DE) (GSCN)
Source: Hannover Medical School (MHH), 18.07.2019 

Absence of NKG2D ligands defines leukaemia stem cells and mediates their immune evasion
Source: Nature, 17.7.2019

Enzym für gefährliche Eigenschaften von Hirntumor-Stammzellen verantwortlich (DE)
GPD1 Specifically Marks Dormant Glioma Stem Cells with a Distinct Metabolic Profile
Source: Medizin Aspekte, Science Direct, 11.07.2019 

Biologen verwandeln Stammzellen in Embryonen (DE)
Source: Sueddeutsche.de, 05.07.2019

A breakthrough to rescue the Northern White Rhino (GSCN)
Source: Science Daily, 05.07.2019

Scientists Make Model Embryos From Stem Cells To Study Key Steps In Human Development
Source: NPR.org, 01.07.2019

Nashorn aus dem Reagenzglas (GSCN) (DE)
Source: taz.de, 26.6.2019

Staatsanwaltschaft stellt Verfahren zu angeblich illegalen Tierversuchen ein (DE) (GSCN)
Source: Spiegel Online, 19.06.2019

Dormant neural stem cells in fruit flies activate to generate new brain cells
Source: ScienceDaily, 18.06.2019

Legit stem cell experts in uproar over inclusion in film funded by suspect clinics
Source: LATimes, 17.06.2019

The start of a new era in stem cell therapy
Source: EurekAlert, 13.06.2019

First blood-brain barrier chip using stem cells
Source: ScienceDaily, 12.06.2019

Forscher testen neue Methode, um Stammzellen im Körper zu reparieren (DE)
Source: Spiegel Online, 07.06.2019

Self-organization of stem cells into embryos: A window on early mammalian development
Source: Science, 07.06.2019

Research sheds new light on how brain stem cells are activated
Source: ScienceDaily, 06.06.2019

Stem cell patch may help repair damage caused by heart attacks
Source: NewScientist, 04.06.2019

F.D.A. Can Act Against Stem Cell Clinic, Judge Rules
Source: New York Times, 03.06.2019

Spraying Stem Cells Up The Noses of Mice Has Restored Their Sense of Smell
Source: Sciencealert, 02.06.2019

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