Upcoming events


  ISSCR Intl. Symposium: Changing the Face of Modern Medicine: Stem Cells and Gene Therapy
  16 - 19 Oct. Lausanne, Switzerland 
   "Stem Cells: From Fundamental Discoveries to Life Saving Clinical Treatments" - 5th Annual Meeting of the Belgian Society for Stem Cell Research
   26. Oct. 2018  Leuven, Belgium

New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute’s 2018 Stem Cell Conference
  23 - 24 Oct. New York, USA
Grand BIMSB Opening Symposium/11th Berlin Late Summer Meeting
  25 - 27 Oct. Berlin, Germany 
  Gentechnologiebericht 4.0: Neue Herausforderungen für ein "altes" Monitoring?
  29 Oct.  Berlin, Germany
Till and McCulloch Meeting
  12 - 14 Nov. Ottawa, Canada
The product is the Process - Is it? Qualitätsaspekte bei der Herstellung von ATMP
  13 Nov.  Potsdam, Germany

Cell Symposia: Translation of Stem Cells to the Clinic, Challenges and Opportunities
  2 - 4 Dec. Los Angeles, USA
  2nd French Society for Stem Cell Research (FSSCR) Annual Meeting
  11 -12 Dec.  Nantes, France


Joined Meeting of the German and Israeli Societies of Developmental Biology
  17 - 20 Feb. Vienna, Austria
ISSCR International Symposium: Stem Cells & Organoids in Development and Disease
Note: Abstract deadline: 15 Aug. 2018
  20 - 22 Feb. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  SY-Stem - a symposium focusing on the next generation of stem cell researchers at IMP/IMBA 
  21 - 23 March Vienna
Aegean Conferences: 3rd International Conference on Stem Cells
Link will be updated - stay tuned
  3 - 8 Oct. Greece 
   7th International Stem Cell Meeting
   12 - 13 Nov  Tel Aviv, Israel
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